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About Safar

About Safar


Safar Band gathered in 1999 based on number of songs written by ( Wafi H Abbas ) under the name
In 2002 the name has changed to SAFAR Band, there was 9 persons between Musicians and Singers
Including ( Wafi H Abbas & Shadi Safadi ) . The members separated in 2004 .
The band made number of concerts in ( Damascus – Aleppo – Beirut )
The poor documentation and media was the reason that only a few records – videos survived from that period.
After a long time abroad ( W Abbas ) Came back to Syria in late 2013 trying to revive the band
and the musical project.
we start working on the musical project from the very beginning modeling our songs like the way we love to.
And to keep the music special flavor in our songs to speak about what we love and live for.
Searching for the matching mood members we go through a long way meeting many artists, we thank all of them.
In 2015 Shadi Safadi rejoining the band.


2002-1999, SAFAR participated in several music festivals
in Syria and Lebanon

  • 2015 - new beginning

    The band was revived.

  • 2019 - first tours

    Live at The Contemporary Syrian Song Festival

  • 2020 - first album

    The release of the debut album (Experiment No. 1)

  • 2021 - Live at Dubai Opera

  • 2021 - second album

    The release of the second album (Experiment No. 2)

  • 2022 - Live in abu dhabi

    with mas music bil araby at the manaratalsaadiyat

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Shadi Alsafadi

Lead Singer

Wafi abbas

Oud player

Emad Mayhoub


Iyad Bredi